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Seasoning prior to chopping, splitting and drying Delivered direct to your property. Friendly service Easy to store ready for use
Suitable for use with
wood burning stoves
  Barn Dried Hardwood Logs

to poke a wood fire, quote from C Dudley Warner

The beauty of our product at Tickhill Barn Dried Logs is in its ease and economy of use. It burns slowly and efficiently, is clean and is easy to store ready for use. Our logs can be used in smokeless zones with approved appliances.

All our firewood logs are seasoned, split, chopped and dried with a moisture content of less than 20 per cent, ready to use immediately on delivery, on any fire or wood burning stove.

We only supply quality hardwood logs which have been naturally air dried over a long period to ensure that the moisture contents is below 20%. We believe, that despite the long time and outlay this process takes, it is far better than kiln dried logs as we believe in trying to keep our natural resources as sustainable as possible.

Our Hardwood timber includes Sycamore, Ash, Oak and Beech.

We provide a local, friendly, personal service and are happy to provide advice. The minimum order quantity is one bin, which is approximately one cubic metre. Discounts apply for multiple bins. For further details see our prices.

Upon delivery of your logs they should be stored in a dry area.

tipped log pile

1 Bin is approximately 1 cubic metre of logs

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